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Our Latest Consulting Services

Job Matching

Our primary service would be to match job seekers with available job opportunities.We work with employers to understand their staffing needs and then identify job seekers who meet those requirements

Candidate screening

We are responsible for screening job seekers to ensure they have the
required qualifications and experience for the job. This could involve reviewing resumes and conducting interviews.

Skills Assessment

Depending on the type of jobs we are filling, you may need to assess job
seekers’ skills to ensure they have the necessary technical or soft skills for the job.

Career Counseling

We offer career counseling services to job seekers to help them identify their
strengths and weaknesses, set career goals, and develop a plan for achieving those goals.

Job Training

We also offer job training services to help job seekers acquire new skills or improve
existing ones. This could include technical training or soft skills training, such as communication or

Employee Retention

We work with employers to develop employee retention strategies to help
them keep their workforce engaged and productive.


Reason For Choosing Our Consulting Services

We are providing jobs placement services in the following fileds:
• Workers
• Waiters
• Teachers
• Security Guards
• Receptionist
• Machine Operator
• Supervisor
• Engineers All Fileds
• Real Estate Agent
• Sales Persons
• Storekeepers
• Hotel Manager
• Chef
• Front Desk Officer
• Nurses
• Doctors
• Pharmacists
• Tour & Travels

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